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Expense Analyzer - Raffa Retirement

The Importance of Understanding Your Expense Structure

The one constant in the retirement plan industry is change. The various fee disclosure requirements currently under consideration by the U.S. government, when passed, would require 401(k) plan providers to disclose all fees associated with a plan. This way, workers saving for retirement can make more informed decisions about which plan is best for them. Currently, the varying level of fees is so complex that it is difficult for plan sponsors and fiduciaries to understand. In response to this, Raffa Retirement Services utilizes the Expense Analyzer.

The Raffa Retirement Services Expense Analyzer

Raffa Retirement Services, in partnership with the Center for Fiduciary Management, is proud to introduce you to the Raffa Retirement Services Expense Analyzer. The Raffa Retirement Expense Analyzer is created with fee transparency in mind. Integrated with the Raffa Retirement Services Tool Suite, the Expense Analyzer produces a Fee Analysis Report, which includes the following:

  • Fund Expense and Revenue Sharing Analysis – A list of all fees at the fund level, including expense ratios, wrap fees and revenue sharing. The totals are displayed in both dollar amounts and basis points.

  • Summary Investment Expense/Revenue Sharing – A summary of asset based fees, revenue sharing and wrap fees.

  • Fee Details – A list of all parties getting paid by the plan and how much they are receiving for their services, with an optional section for advisor commentary.

  • Client Fee Summary – A balance calculation of revenue sharing to total plan fees.

The Raffa Retirement Services Expense Analyzer also provides a one-page Fee Analysis Summary that is comprehensive and easy to read so that you can understand the real costs of the plan.


  • Keep you at the forefront of legislation changes.
  • Compare existing plan fees to the industry averages.
  • Easy-to-read format.
  • Know who, and how much, you are paying.

How to Get Started

To learn more, please contact Raffa Retirement Services at 240-403-2540, or e-mail us at