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Fiduciary Monitoring System - Raffa Retirement

Creating Efficiency in Investment Monitoring

Creating and monitoring a plan’s investments as laid out in the Investment Policy Statement is an essential step in meeting investment selection and monitoring responsibilities of a fiduciary. A documented process used to conduct prudent reviews, selection and monitoring of investment options is a fiduciary best practice and aids in making more effective and timely decisions. The problem, however, is that the fiduciary’s duty does not end with the selection of investments, but continues throughout the life of the plan, assuring you continue to meet the standards established in the Investment Policy Statement. These responsibilities can be daunting, and Raffa Retirement Services has ways to help.


Raffa Retirement Services has partnered with the Center for Fiduciary Management to offer FiRM. This system is designed to facilitate three key fiduciary investment obligations:

  • Determine whether investment options are meeting the objectives stated in the Investment Policy Statement.
  • Document the analysis and any decisions or actions arising as a result of the review.
  • Facilitate regularly scheduled formal reviews and timely decision making.

How It Works

Raffa Retirement Services will create a profile for you in FiRM. This profile will include your plan’s current investment selection, as well as the criteria by which the plan’s funds will be monitored. Once this profile is put in place, Raffa Retirement can generate executive-level reports supported by a plan specific investment policy. Additionally, FiRM allows Raffa Retirement Services to monitor your funds and changes in performance on an ongoing basis.

How to Get Started

To learn more, please contact Raffa Retirement Services at 240-403-2540, or e-mail us at