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Plan Design Optimization Report - Raffa Retirement

Improving Retirement Outcomes for Participants

The retirement industry is going through a tremendous amount of change. The amount of pressure caused by new regulation with regard to fees and the press is causing many plan sponsors to search for new ways to add quantifiable value. In addition, the government is now asking: is this experiment called the 401(k) plan going to provide adequate retirement for millions of Americans? In response to this, Raffa Retirement Services is bringing you a truly innovative and industry-leading service that benefits plan participants, plan sponsors, and your business.

The Plan Design Optimization Report

Raffa Retirement Services, in partnership with LPL Financial, Inc. and Fiduciary Benchmarks is proud to bring you the Plan Design Optimization Report (PDOR) service. This report helps to do the following:

  • Find an amount your organization can afford.
  • Find the right Plan Design provisions.
  • Give employees the best chance of retiring comfortably.

The Plan Design Optimization Report provides easy-to-understand charts and graphs that help to convey the following important information to plan sponsors for all eligible participants in the plan.

  • Retirement Readiness Calculations – a Retirement Readiness Ratio is calculated for each participant based on their individual circumstances.

  • Retirement RISK Calculations – a new concept called Minimum Required Rate of Return (MR3) analyzes the rate of return a participant needs to retire comfortably, similar to Liability Driven Investing for defined benefit plans.

  • Investment Behavior Analysis – an assessment of each participant’s investing behavior for use of professional asset allocation, automatic rebalancing and quality of diversification.

This information puts data in front of you that is critical to making important Plan Design decisions.

The Plan Design Optimization Report presents a customized plan design that seeks to maximize participant deferrals within your organization’s available budget by combining insights from the field of Behavioral Finance with input from the plan’s fiduciaries.

All of this can be accomplished without increasing your organization’s budget. Or put another way, small changes over time can lead to big improvements at retirement.


  • Stretch and optimize your company’s benefits dollar.
  • Improve fiduciary risk management by improving retirement outcomes of Plan Participants.
  • Improve engagement and productivity of Participants (since they are less worried about retirement readiness).

How to Get Started

To learn more, please contact Raffa Retirement Services at 240-403-2540, or e-mail us at